HOME. Somewhere (2015)


HOME. Somewhere was premiered at Docpoint Film Festival in Helsinki in January 2015. It received the critic's choice by film critic John Anderson who chose the film as one of his favourite film from the New Finnish Documentary Series.



HOME. Somewhere is a poetic feature length documentary film that asks the bold question: Will the human soul ever find a home? At the most remote islands of Finland we encounter men that become our personal guides and lead us through this unknown landscape and on the sea. By allowing us to enter into their private world and rituals we are subjected to think about our own idea of home.

' Things you don't know you have to imagine.'



I started working on the film Home five years ago. I was interested in the loss and change occurring in the lives of three men working on faraway islands
in the Baltic Sea.
I wanted to understand what creates a feeling of home and roots. Is this something that a place carries within it or is it something we carry with us?
Through this film I realized that the notion of home is personal and private. Something we all have to define for ourselves. I want the viewer to experience the film like a personal journey. To feel that we are with the protagonists rather than looking at them. We are near them, beside them,
close by. As if sitting inside their pocket.

Lotta Petronella