DEAR MAUD (2002)

DEAR MAUD is a film about a film maker, dressed as a cowgirl, returning to her childhood surroundings she refers to as the desert to where she has not been back since the age of seven. Commissioned to make a film about the dried up Plymouth Leat moors. Transported back to here childhood memories she is faced meeting characters from her past who she remembers and who remember her. As the film goes on she finds it impossible to make the proposed piece of work and is instead embarking on an internal journey facing a series of images she is forced to remember.

The film was commissioned by MPRI and financed by the Arts Council of England. The film was shot around Mutley Plain using locations such as the Belgrave Snooker Hall, The South Western Café, Somerfield, The Moor View Terrace, The Hyde Park Pub, the car park by the Baptist church and the launderette.

The film was assisted by Paul Mumford, leading roles played by Sophia Faye Kennedy and Richard Hathaway, camera - Ben Holland, sound - Lee Mattock.