World Renown Photographer. Will travel.

Lotta Petronella

Born in Finland
Petronella is trained as a fine artist at Chelsea College of Art in London where she lived, worked and studied for twelve years. Petronella made her first short documentary film Wonderland (Satumaa) in 2001. She has since then made short and experimental films that have been shown in galleries and film festivals aroundthe world. During her years in London she worked as an artist, musician and on numerous film and television
productions. In 2008 Petronella made her first feature length documentary film ' Women of the Isles' which received critical acclaim and was screened and broadcasted in Finland and Scandinavia. In 2011 she co-curated the exhibition CAA Contemporary Art Archipelago for Turku 2011- European Capital of Culture.
In 2009 she started working on the feature film HOME Somewhere and spent long periods of time shooting on the most remote islands in Finland as well as editing in the heart of New York.
Petronella is also an artist, curator and musician and has collaborated with other filmmakers as a producer, editor and composer.
She is presently filming and collaborating, on a documentary film about the structures of power, in Ireland.
Petronella’s work ponders on the eternal and existential question: Where are we going?